MPD makes arrest in Cedar-Riverside shooting

The suspect in the Sept. 22 shooting is a juvenile.
September 29, 2008

Minneapolis police arrested a juvenile suspect Monday in connection with the Sept. 22 shooting of Ahmednur Ali .
According to police, a fairly large crowd of witnesses to the shooting helped police identify the suspect.
Police are holding the suspect in the Juvenile Detention Center until the Hennepin County Attorney’s Office reviews the case.
Unless charged as an adult, a possibility in this case, police will not release a juvenile suspect’s name.
Minneapolis police spokesman Sgt. Jesse Garcia said police don’t think the shooting was gang related, but witnesses will remain anonymous.
“They want the witnesses to remain very anonymous for fear of retaliation,” Garcia said. “We’re leaving that whole witness thing very vague on purpose.”
Ali, 20, was shot and killed when he was walking home from a volunteer shift at the Brian Coyle Community Center on Sept. 22.

Unwanted visitor arrested for terroristic threats
A hospital visitor was charged with a crime normally associated with bomb threats or domestic abuse.
Christopher Sparks was arrested Saturday when he threatened the life of a University Medical Center, Fairview worker, according to a police report.
Police responded to a call that a drunken man was begging for cigarettes in the Fairview family room.

According to the report:

Christopher Sparks said he was in the emergency room visiting his child awaiting a kidney transplant, but when security confronted him about his pandering for cigarettes, Sparks requested to go to the emergency room.
Grason Gallagher-Stow , a hospital worker, told Sparks to fill out emergency room admission paperwork. And when Sparks did so and brought the paperwork back to Stow, Sparks threatened him.
“I promise I’ll kill you,” Sparks said.
Hospital security escorted him out and told him not to return.
When Sparks returned later that night the hospital security held him until the police were able to arrest him.
Police took him to the Hennepin County Jail and charged him with terroristic threats, a felony.
According to the report, Sparks wasn’t allowed in East Bank buildings due to a trespassing citation that expires in June 2009.
University police Deputy Chief Chuck Miner said this sort of felony is typified by the “bomb threats” that force authorities to evacuate University buildings.
Miner added that this kind of crime occurs about every month on campus and usually between partners.
“It’s got a scary-sounding name to it but it occasionally comes up in relationship-type situations,” he said.
State law defines terroristic threats as any threat to directly or indirectly commit a crime of violence.

Seven students given drinking citations in the dorms
Seven first-year students, including five from the University, had their party busted before they left room N247 in Pioneer Hall.
The group of students had been drinking and a community adviser in the residence hall called the police when one student couldn’t provide photo identification, which is a Housing and Residential Life policy, Katie Eichele , a housing representative, said.
“A student has to have picture identification because we need to verify that everyone is either a resident or is 18 years of age,” she said.
Housing staff members deal with the student offenders in 95 to 99 percent of drinking cases , Eichele said. The Community Advi sers write an “incident statement” detailing the offense and procedures taken to punish the student, she said.
Eichele said housing staff may put offending students in one of several programs, such as alcohol workshops, online modules or community service projects to reprimand and educate violators.
University police charged all of the students with underage consumption and let them go

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