Coffman Union is a disappointment

The newly renovated Coffman Union is a colossal disappointment. I remember the old Coffman, and it definitely needed to be renovated. But at least there were some decent places on the main floor to sit and study.

Now, the only spot to do this is the extremely ugly commuter lounge. In fact, the whole renovated interior is ugly. Also, for some reason, the Insider brags that Coffman now has escalators. As far as I can tell, the only impact the escalators have is that they waste the most important space in the whole building.

The food choices are also laughable. What the heck is Chick-fil-A? Apparently $71.5 million isn’t enough to get restaurants anybody has actually heard of.

But hey, at least they put in air conditioning. So now, instead of having a crappy student union, we have a crappy student union with air conditioning.

Mark Byers, senior, civil engineering