Student reactions to the NCAA sanctions

Matt Kuzelka
Journalism junior

“(Former men’s basketball coach Clem Haskins) screwed over the program. It’s our fault because we weren’t watching him, but he got away with a lot of stuff. He tried to come off for years as this hard-line coach who wouldn’t let his player have tattoos or earrings; he proclaimed himself to be this great man while at the same time he had all this stuff going on out the back door. I don’t respect him at all.”

Mike Holm
Business freshman

“I think (the sanctions against Haskins) are dumb because he didn’t really have anything to do with it. At least, not as much as they’re pointing a finger at him. The University should have just gotten one fine and that would have been good enough to set an example. It would have been pretty lenient but this goes on at other schools, probably more than (NCAA officials) realize.”

Sara Gourik
Biology senior

“I think the sanctions are a little harsh. I feel bad for the players who weren’t part of the cheating scandal but still had their Final Four appearance and Big Ten championships taken away.”

Joicorri Robinson
Mechanical engineering freshman

“They got what they deserved. I’m studying hard every day and I’m getting my homework done. And they don’t have to do that just because they’re athletes? That’s taking a lot away from me.”

Anash Pulchan
Computer science freshman

“Cheating is wrong. Athletes shouldn’t get special privileges. If they’re going to be in school, they should do the work. And if they’re on the basketball team and they can’t do both, then I think they have to choose.”

Tony Kwong
Chemical engineering sophomore

“It sucks that they have to take the (1997 Final Four) banner down in Williams Arena. But I think they made the correct call with Haskins, although seven years is pretty long.

Ryan Backman
Math sophomore

“The self-imposed sanctions were harsh enough and I think the NCAA realized that. Haskins’ punishment was a little harsh, though. It’s similar to what happened to Pete Rose. But (Haskins) knew about the crime, so I guess he should do the time.”

Christina Zwicky
Marketing junior

“Clem Haskins deserves everything he gets and the administrators who turned their backs to the scandal are getting what they deserve. Taking away the scholarships is a little questionable, though. The incoming freshman class has nothing to do with the academic conduct of seniors and juniors four years previous.”

Chris Schulz
Kinesiology senior

“They got let off easy but I think that’s good because the University took action immediately. I don’t know if I like them taking down the NCAA (Final Four) banner, but you gotta do what you gotta do. The sanctions against Haskins is a shame. He probably deserves it, but it’s a shame because of the caliber of coaching he is able to give.”

Sarah Ivey
Child psychology freshman

“What Haskins did was a disaster for this school. It’s costing the school tons of money that could be better spent somewhere else. I think what he and everyone else did was a real shame. I think he deserves what they gave him and maybe even more.”

Josh Beattie
Political science freshman

“The sanctions were good but other universities do the same things. It’s just that we got caught. It was very noble that we imposed sanctions on ourselves and hopefully that will set an example for other schools. I think Haskins should be out for good. Maybe he was thinking he was helping his players, but he wasn’t.”

Felicia Gagliardi
Journalism sophomore

“I think its unfair that they’re taking away the 1997 championship. But this needs to be over with. It’s getting too drawn out. I think we’ve had enough punishment for now.”

— Compiled by staff reporter Mike Wereschagin