Off-campus party busted twice in four hours

Also, five off-campus burglaries occurred over the weekend.

by Branden Largent

Minneapolis police busted a party in the Southeast Como neighborhood twice within four hours early Saturday morning.

When officers arrived the first time at about 12 a.m., there were about 100 people in the backyard and another 75 people in the house. Officers heard yelling, screaming and music from the alley behind the house, according to the police report.

The report said the party appeared to have underage people drinking alcohol and cited one man for underage drinking.

Officers cited one of the house’s tenants, Tyler Gustafson, for unnecessary noise and a Social Host citation.

The Social Host Ordinance, approved by the Minneapolis City Council in February 2010, holds party hosts responsible for any underage drinking at the party, regardless of who supplied the alcohol.

The report said renters and party guests were extremely uncooperative with the officers, but Gustafson said they were “fully cooperating in shutting it down.”

“There’s 200 drunk kids. You can’t just make them leave in five seconds,” Gustafson said.

Officers arrested another man and booked him in Hennepin County Jail for fleeing on foot and disorderly conduct because he was swearing and causing a disturbance to neighbors who were not involved, Minneapolis police Sgt. Steve McCarty said.

Police took a keg of beer from inside the house, the report said.

Gustafson said the officers told him he would be arrested if they had to come back to the party.

Less than four hours later, police responded to a complaint about the same party.

The report said there was another large group of people inside and outside of the house, with garbage and liquor containers scattered thoughout the property and the inside the house.

Officers arrested Gustafson for unnecessary noise, a Social Host violation and disruptive party and booked him at Hennepin County Jail. He left jail early Saturday afternoon on bail.

McCarty said Gustafson was arrested because the party hadn’t died down.

Gustafson said the police “lost their patience really quickly” and said he thought there wasn’t a need for police to come back the second time because he said the party was “winding down.”

Police cited two more people at the party for underage drinking in the second visit.

McCarty said students should make sure to “keep it down” when having parties so police won’t have to intervene on noise complaints.

“We want people to enjoy themselves and have a good time, but when they start disturbing other people that’s when the police get involved,” McCarty said.

Five off-campus burglaries over weekend

Five burgaries were reported over the weekend in off-campus neighborhoods.

The burglaries occurred Saturday and Sunday within a few blocks of each other in the Marcy-Holmes and Southeast Como neighborhoods.

“It’s hard to say if [the burglaries] were connected since we don’t have any suspect information,” Minneapolis police crime prevention specialist Nick Juarez said.

“We traditionally see an increase in burglaries as the weather gets warmer.”

University of Minnesota junior Derek McCormick, one of the burglary victims, left his house Friday morning to take a test when someone walked into his house, stealing his hockey bag, beer and his roommate’s Xbox, video games and controllers.

McCormick said one of his roommates was home at the time and heard noises, but thought it was McCormick or another roommate. McCormick said he typically leaves the door unlocked when he knows at least one roommate is home and awake.

Juarez recommends that University students living off campus make sure all windows can only open six inches, to lock screen doors if larger doors are kept open and securing air conditioners or window fans to window frames.