Triple Rock special entree lets cooks decide what patrons eat

by Abdel Shakur

Complain loud enough about the way your food is prepared in a restaurant and most places will indulge your expectations.

But don’t try that mess when ordering the “Cook’s Revenge” at the Triple Rock Social Club on the West Bank.

The menu item offers the patron the opportunity to eat whatever the cook feels like making.

The bottom of the menu reads, “Do not order the dish and try to return it because it makes your tummy hurt or it’s not the way your mommy makes it.”

“We had a few returns when we first started offering it three years ago,” said Gretchen Funk, Triple Rock co-owner. “People didn’t understand that it is a free-for-all. It’s a real gamble, but its always good,” she said.

Triple Rock cook Austin Brown said the entree gives him the opportunity to indulge his creativity.

“It gives cooks more freedom in what they want to make,” Brown said. “Instead of cooking the same thing over and over, I can try out new recipes.”

Brown said he makes exceptions if people have allergies to certain foods or have a vegan diet.

Ben Freeman, a self-described semi-regular, said he enjoys the Cook’s Revenge.

“Its one of the best things I’ve had here,” he said. Freeman said his latest crack at the meal featured jalapeno peppers, greens and potatoes.

Freeman, a University senior in the department of science and nutrition, said the Cook’s Revenge satisfies his adventurous taste.

“You give them a little direction, and they make you something really good,” he said.

The opportunity for infinite justice excites chef Noah Martin.

“It’s one of the reasons I work here,” he said. “I always try something different. Nobody who comes here will ever get the same thing twice.”

Beside making the dish spicy, Martin said he doesn’t have any set guidelines. He does, however, think the food represents his mood. He said people who order the entree right before closing time usually get something really different.

“It’s still just cooking,” Martin said. “I’m not being inspired by the muse or anything.”

Former cook Funk supports the Cook’s Revenge. “It’s really a chance to turn the tables,” she said. “Now the cook gets to give you what they want.”

But Funk said Triple Rock has no plans to extend the “revenge” option to the wait staff and busboys.