Remembering the Disney Channel Original Movie

by Sophia Vilensky

Millennials are prone to seek the comfort of yore. Disney provides an adequate refuge.


As proven by Fuller House and the MAC Trolls Collection — nostalgia is trending. In honor of their 100th original movie release on June 24th (a remake of 1987’s “Adventures in Babysitting”), Disney Channel will be playing their original movies throughout the month while simultaneously releasing them on Amazon Prime, iTunes and Google Play.


Here are some of my favorites (and what I remember about them).


The Zenon Trilogy

The video chat long before Facetime! The outfits! “Zoom” will be my wedding song.


High School Musical

It was horrific to find out Zac Efron didn’t sing his own songs, and I voted online (with my parent’s permission!) for Miley Cyrus to get a cameo in the second film of the franchise. She did.

Pixel Perfect

Ricky Ullman is dreamy, but it was really rude that he used his best friend’s nose in the creation of his “perfect girl.” I bought the soundtrack.


Smart House

I’m still dreaming about the smoothie the house makes at the beginning. My introduction to the horror genre.


Halloweentown II: Kalabar’s Revenge

Whenever I’m in a funk and I feel myself sinking away, I think about this movie and turning gray like the poor skeleton man and the gnomes. I also remember feeling very happy that Debbie Reynold’s career was still thriving.


Stuck in the Suburbs

Accidently switching cell phones with the coolest rockstar? THE DREAM. Very important focus on women friendships here too!


The Thirteenth Year

Did this movie spawn the whole fascination with being an undercover mermaid that existed in the 2000s? I know I wanted in.


Luck of the Irish

Was I too into the mythical creature/angsty teenage genre? Probably, but so be it. The blood sausage looked awful. I’ve been wanting to Irish step dance ever since.


Read it and Weep

Besides the strange desire to estrange myself from my entire school community, the thing that fascinated me most about this movie was Jamie’s cool tablet and how good her handwriting was with a stylus.