U, MnDot want people to work from home

by Briana Bierschbach

The University of Minnesota, in partnership with the Minnesota Department of Transportation, launched a campaign Monday to increase telecommuting in the Twin Cities, according to Fox 9.

Telecommuting, often called telework, allows employees to work from home and connect to their office or clients at least one day a week via the internet. The program, called eWorkPlace, seeks  to improve traffic flow by reducing congestion on I-35W, Cedar Avenue/Highway 77 and in downtown Minneapolis.

“If 2,700 Minnesotans teleworked just one day per week, more than 1,000 rush hour trips on Twin Cities’ highways each day would be eliminated,”  Nick Thompson, Mn/DOT project manager told Fox.

The campaign will be more visible to Minnesotans as radio and online advertisments come out, and billboards go up.

The advertisments will direct businesses and individuals to log on to eworkplace-mn.com for  training and tools, and will encourage employers to sign up for a limited free trial version

" Qualifying employers for the pilot programs will also be eligible for free or discounted personalized professional consulting to launch or expand telework at their workplace," according to Fox 9.