Scott Seekins changes to white suits on Sunday at Nick & Eddie–you should do the same

by Kara Nesvig

 John & I are totally obsessed with local artist Scott Seekins. You probably know who he is subconsciously, since he walks around town more than I do. Read John’s story in A&E "If You Seek(ins) Amy" for a little background; it’s pretty seminal, and so is this one from MSP magazine:

Anyway, I just got off the phone with Mr. Seekins, a print of whose work I now own and adore, and he’s planning a "White Knight" at Nick & Eddie bar in Loring Park for Sunday night, officially signifying his turnover to white suits. (He wears all black in winter and all white in summer. Just like me!) What we’re supposed to do is go in all-white too, and there will be prizes (Scott didn’t say what, it’s a mystery!) for those of us who go in Scott-esque costume. Nick & Eddie is one of my favorite MPLS bars (the french fries are TDF) and it’s also Scott’s primary hangout; his studio is upstairs. 

Scott is a Minneapolis institution, just like the Twins and the Walker Art Center. Plus, I like the idea that he’s kind of famous for being famous/eccentric, and he’s super nice as well. Stop in to Nick & Eddie; John and I will be there in head-to-toe white (I need some white shoes!), and so should you.