Climate change is no conspiracy

by Jeff Klein

In light of the letter to the editor regarding global warming and the impending 6 p.m. visit of Christopher Monckton to the Coffman Union Mississippi Room, I would like to take the opportunity to remind the University of Minnesota community that the essential tenets of global climate change science are uncontested by every scientific body of national or international standing. The writerâÄôs invocation of Al Gore is an intentional distraction; Al Gore is not a scientist and the credibility of climate science does not rest on his shoulders. For that matter, neither is Monckton; he has a degree in journalism. It is important that the uninformed opinions of contrarians such as Pongratz be put in perspective. What they are suggesting is nothing short of a conspiracy theory involving hundreds of thousands of scientists working for independent organizations, private and public, across the globe. That being the case, their opinion should be met with an appropriately high level of skepticism. The rest of us âÄî responsible adults who use scientific inquiry to inform our actions and policies âÄî should not stand idly by because some find reality to be ideologically inconvenient. Jeff Klein University graduate student