Regents likely to approve

by Jeremy Taff

Despite student protests, the regents are expected to pass the University’s budget, which would increase tuition, at the next regular meeting on June 11 and 12.
The budget would increase tuition by 3 percent on the Twin Cities and Crookston campuses and 4.3 percent on the Duluth and Morris campuses.
“The regents need to tell students what more they are getting for their dollar,” said Blessing Rugara, chairman of the student representatives to the Board of Regents. “They need to know where that money is being allocated.”
The budget also calls for a 1.4 percent increase in student services fees on the Twin Cities campus. Fees would also increase 4.2 percent at the Crookston campus and 7.4 percent at the Duluth campus. Charges would remain steady on the Morris campus.
The Duluth campus will eliminate all course fees starting next fall, which caused the majority of the increases in tuition and student services fees, said Richard Pfutzenreuter, associate vice president for the Office of Budget and Finance.
Student representatives will report to regents on tuition increases. Student delegates are adamant about assuring that students get fair results from the tuition hike.
“If students are being asked to pay more money, there has to be a commensurate increase in quality,” Rugara said.
The board will also discuss allocation of the $206.8 million the University received from the Legislature in April for next year’s budget. The money will fund 20 projects across the state.
Other items on the regents’ agenda include:
ù Three University deans will step down by July. The regents will be voting on two of the three replacements recommended by University President Mark Yudof.
Pending regents’ approval, Dr. Samuel Schuman, dean and vice president for academic affairs at Morris, will replace current Chancellor David Johnson when he retires July 1.
Regents will also vote on naming Gail Skinner-West, currently associate dean and director of University Minnesota Extension Service, interim dean of University College. She would replace retiring dean Harold Miller this summer.
Christine Maziar from the University of Texas-Austin recently replaced Mark Brenner as dean of the Graduate School. Regents will recognize Brenner for his service to the University.
ù The University of Minnesota Alumni Association’s annual report will address how regents can help build pride, spirit and community at the University. Those issues have been “particularly more important” since Yudof took office, said Tom Garrison, communications director for the association.
“We want to help build that sense of shared vision,” Garrison said.
ù Fourteen faculty members will be recognized for winning awards. Those honored include winners of the Horace T. Morse-University of Minnesota Alumni Association Award, the John Tate Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Advising and the Academic Staff Award.
ù Following tradition, regents will introduce newly elected Regents Professor G. Edward Schuh at the meeting.