Mother charged with abuse at medical center

by Jesse Weisbeck

A mother allegedly abused her seven-month-old child Sunday evening at the Fairview-University Medical Center.
According to a University Police report, the mother allegedly forced the infant’s face into blankets or pillows several times. A passerby walked in and might have noticed the act, said University Police.
The child was not physically injured. Police said they are unsure of what the suspect’s intent was.
The suspect, a 39-year-old Minneapolis woman, was not arrested after the incident. But charges against her are pending while University Police investigate the alleged incident.
Police said the investigation is still in the early stages. The suspect is allegedly still able to visit her child, but only with supervision, said University Police Sgt. Joe May.
Minneapolis police also took a second child of the suspect into custody after the incident occurred.
This is the second incident at the medical center this month. Douglas W. Young allegedly raped a 20-year-old patient in the chemical dependency unit Jan. 20.

In other police news:

ù An alleged physical assault took place in the Weaver-Densford Hall on the East Bank Thursday at about noon, but officials in the College of Pharmacy and University Police have yet to release any details.
It was a fifth-degree assault, which is the lowest grade offense.
Wendy St. Peter, associate dean of the College of Pharmacy, said she knew about the incident, but declined to comment.
However, University Police said college officials are conducting their own investigation in conjunction with Student Judicial Affairs.
University Police Detective Marianne Olson is conducting the criminal investigation, but was unavailable for comment.

ù The cameras were rolling when unidentified suspects stole a statue Friday evening from the Aveda Institute on University Avenue in northeast Minneapolis.
The entire act was caught on security cameras and shown to Minneapolis police, who are investigating the theft.
Catherine Prior, coordinator for the Share School at Aveda Institute declined to comment on the specifics of the theft.

ù A man who witnessed a purse-snatching Wednesday on University Avenue in southeast Minneapolis managed not only to confront the thief, but also save the victim’s valuables.
According to the police report, the victim, Megan Reiff, was walking down University Avenue when Damon Paul Wischnewski, 19, approached her and grabbed her purse. Wischnewski then allegedly took off running down the street.
Paul Egan, 29, saw Wischnewski trying to escape with the stolen bag. He stopped the suspect and managed to retrieve Reiff’s purse. Minneapolis police arrived just after Egan’s efforts, arrested Wischnewski and booked him in Hennepin County Jail.

ù A Minneapolis man allegedly attacked his girlfriend at about midnight Jan. 20 in Pioneer Hall, where the victim lives.
Area Coordinator Joy Lewis refused to comment on the incident. University Police are investigating.