Letter to the Editor – Boynton Health

by Boynton Health Service

To the Editor:

We very much appreciate Monday’s editorial, Students should utilize University-sponsored mental health services (9/24/18). We believe student advocacy is reducing the stigma associated with mental health care. That’s a good thing. 

We want to clarify some of the information because we’re concerned students might believe there are barriers to care where there are none.

First, all students who pay the Student Services Fee are eligible for care at Boynton Mental Health. Most students do not pay out of pocket for mental health.  One of the exceptions are graduate students on the Graduate Assistant Health Plan who have a $10 co-pay at Boynton.

In addition to Boynton, Student Counseling Services (SCS) and the CARE Program through Student Affairs are resources to ensure students receive the support they need. At SCS, there is no cost for students enrolled in degree programs.

Your editorial mentioned some resources, but students should know a comprehensive list is at mentalhealth.umn.edu. From online counseling through Learn to Live to direct counseling at Boynton and Student Counseling Services, no student who feels they need support should hesitate to ask for care.


Matthew Hanson, PhD, LP, Assistant Director of Mental Health, Boynton Health

Jerry Shih, PhD, LP, Interim Director, Student Counseling Services

Emily O’Hara, LICSW, CARE Program, Student Affairs