Daily Digest: Profs’ liberalism doesn’t wear off, racial divides at homecomings

by Mike Rose

One day away from the election, gang (that’s your Digest PSA for the day). Now, let’s start the week with some news:

*Interesting national story first, as the New York Times reports that professors’ liberalism does not rub off on students – at least according to three recently released studies. This seems to debunk any indoctrination conspiracy theory, though I’d love to hear what you think about classes here at the University of Minnesota – fair and balanced or left wing agenda?

*More coverage of the U’s new accounting system and the bugs within. The Star Tribune (courtesy of the AP) ran a story on the new Enterprise Financial System, which has some complaining over its complexity. Last week, MPR and the Daily also reported on EFS. They’ll figure it out soon, right?

*Lastly, the Chicago Tribune reports today on a trend among black students to not feel welcome in traditional homecoming festivities. Citing an example of the University of Minnesota’s Black Student Union holding its own homecoming events for the second straight year, the Tribune notes that it is part of a broader problem of black students not fitting in with the social scenes on campuses, due to racial tensions and clashing tastes and backgrounds.

May your poll lines be short and your vote quick. Mike Rose City editor