Gophers hockey ticket policy changes

Recently, first-year University student Alex Windjue gathered a group of friends to get season hockey tickets, only to find out the ticket office isnâÄôt accepting group applications this year. The new general admission policy enacted by the University attempts to give everyone an equal chance to get tickets and reward students who show up early. However, some students want group tickets, and are hesitant to go alone. âÄúThe disadvantage is if only one of us gets tickets, I would probably refund it,âÄù Windjue said. The new policy allows any student registered this semester with at least six credits to use a ticket. So if a group of 10 friends all enter the lottery and only seven are selected, they can divide up their tickets among them for each game. Jason LaFrenz, assistant athletics director for marketing and ticket sales , said there has been a myth going around that group applications increase your chances of getting tickets. All groups requesting tickets last year received one chance in the lottery, not one chance for each person in the group. A group of 10 had the same chance of being selected as an individual. âÄúNow everyone as an individual gets the same percentage,âÄù LaFrenz said. âÄúGroups messed that up.âÄù Going in groups is important to first-year student Aaron Barnhart , but itâÄôs great that everyone gets the same opportunity to get tickets, and people can meet their friends at the games, he said. Now students can sit anywhere in the four student sections âÄî but tough luck if they donâÄôt get there early. It will show who the real die-hards are, senior defenseman R.J. Anderson said. The general admission is long overdue. âÄúEvery rink we go to, the student section is already filled when we hit the ice,âÄù Anderson said. âÄúItâÄôs a pretty amazing thing when we get heckled out there in warm-ups, and itâÄôs about time we give it back to them.âÄù Students are expected to line up about an hour or two before the game to get seats behind the glass, LaFrenz said. âÄúBut when there are 700 students in those seats a half hour before the game, it can be quite intimidating for the other team,âÄù LaFrenz said. Applications are due Tuesday and students will have until Sept. 26 to get a refund if theyâÄôre unsatisfied. Tickets cost $143 with the option for the first or second game of each weekend series. Student IDs will be checked at the gate and ticket holders will have the option to sit anywhere in sections 2, 3, 13 and 14. Students borrowing someone elseâÄôs ticket will have their ID scanned to confirm their enrollment. There are 1,331 season tickets available for each night, and almost 800 students were turned down in last yearâÄôs lottery. For students who are not selected or donâÄôt apply for season tickets, there will be at least 200 standing-room-only tickets on a per-game basis available just for students. Lottery results will be posted this Friday on the Gopher Sports website.