Mbakwe scheduled to appear in court Wednesday

by Andrew Krammer

A Miami-Dade State Attorney's Office spokesperson told the Star Tribune "anything could happen" Wednesday when Trevor Mbakwe appears in court for a "status report" following his DWI conviction in September.

Mbakwe, 23, is personally scheduled to appear in court Wednesday, but spokesperson Terry Chavez told the Star Tribune the outcome of Wednesday's hearing could set a probation violation hearing or a plea could be negotiated. Regardless, another hearing would need to be set before any punishment is handed down. 

Chavez told the Star Tribune "anything is realistic" in terms of punishment, including jailtime, saying "it's all up to the court." 

The sixth-year Gophers forward was put on probation in Florida for a felony assault charge in 2009 and was still on probation when he was arrested in July for a DWI.