Sydney Hall redevelopment approved

DinkytownâÄôs incoming resident is getting a makeover. Doran CompaniesâÄô redevelopment plan for Sydney Hall, located on 15th Avenue Southeast and Fourth Street Southeast, was approved 5-2 by the Minneapolis Planning Commission Monday, Minneapolis senior planner Janelle Widmeier said. The redevelopment is in part a response to the ongoing lawsuit by Chi Psi fraternity, commonly known as The Lodge, next door. With the redevelopment, the project will move 33 feet away from the Chi Psi property line, but Doran will replace the lost space by adding two more stories, making the development 14 stories high. âÄúIn addition to that, we were willing to provide some other consideration to them, and we were hopeful that that would promote a resolution to the lawsuit that would allow that to be finalized,âÄù owner Kelly Doran said. But Chi Psi attorney Ryan Ahlberg said the fraternity does not plan on dropping the lawsuit against the city and Doran because the approved development includes illegal land use. âÄúThereâÄôs no reason a building of reasonable height and reasonable mass and reasonable density canâÄôt be put into that property and be profitable, and we think that this particular land use is inappropriate and illegal,âÄù Ahlberg said. âÄúWe appreciate them moving the building, but the reason the building was moved is because thatâÄôs the appropriate zoning,âÄù he said. âÄúThe building should have been moved to begin with.âÄù Ahlberg said Chi Psi believes the major issue is the underground parking ramp Doran plans on building. âÄúWeâÄôre also very uncomfortable with them digging down 40 feet into the ground on that block on the property line,âÄù he said. Although the variance for the building was approved, nothing was mentioned at the meeting regarding the underground, 192-space parking lot. âÄúWe are desperately working with the other interested parties to find a position where everyone is comfortable and we can be good neighbors,âÄù Ahlberg said. Campus Crossroads delay keeps doors openOpus CorporationâÄôs Campus Crossroads has been delayed an estimated six months, and two of the businesses affected by the construction are using the time to continue business. Photo Dock will remain open until it receives formal instructions to move out, owner Jeff Rasmusson said. Harvard Market East owner Brad Mateer said Opus had originally told him to move out sometime in November. âÄúRight now, the tentative closing date is May sometime,âÄù he said.