Stadium debate

There have been many responses written about the University stadium proposals. Everybody knows that we need a football stadium, but it seems as if we would rather argue about the little things.

If the Minnesota Vikings don’t want to build a joint stadium, the University needs to build one on its own. We have to realize that building a stadium would raise revenue for our football program and eventually get our athletics program out of debt. I also believe that building a stadium would generate more student interest and give our football program the advantage at home games that other teams have.

I have watched many football games at the Metrodome, and if the facility is not filled to capacity there seems to be a lack of support. How do you expect a football team to perform at home without support? An on-campus outdoor football stadium would generate an easier, more convenient event for students to attend. College football is for the students.

There are other Big Ten schools with outdoor stadiums that have more enthusiasm for their program because of the environment that facility creates. I understand that a new stadium would be very expensive for the University, but I truly believe that building an outdoor facility would greatly improve not only student life on campus, but everyone’s experience with the Gopher football team.

Jon Waibel, junior, General College