US preps for Uterus transplants

by Nick Wicker

Doctors at the Cleveland Clinic are working on a method to transplant uteruses in humans for the first time.


According to The New York Times, a team of six doctors there have already completed a trial run surgery where they extracted the organ from a recently deceased organ donor.


The doctors there announced they would be performing uterus transplants on 10 women in coming months in a test project, The Washington Post reported Friday.


The Post said the method transfers healthy donor uteruses into women with a rare condition that means they are born without one, making them infertile.


The procedure has already been performed in Sweden and Turkey, and could help especially for women in countries that prohibit surrogacy, ABC News reported Friday.

The announcement by the Cleveland Clinic came just one month after the United Kingdom announced a similar trial run of 10 women there, according to The Post.