IFC okays dry-house rule

Guests at IFC member houses will be barred from drinking, and Delta Kappa Epsilon has been suspended.

by Raghav Mehta

The University of Minnesota Interfraternity Council has unanimously approved an IFC-wide dry-house policy to go into effect Monday in response to numerous IFC policy violations.

The decision was made during a legislative meeting Sunday night where the council also imposed a four-year IFC membership suspension on Delta Kappa Epsilon.

The suspension will restrict DKE from future greek-related events that include homecoming, Spring Jam and greek league intramurals.

Guests at chapter houses affiliated with the IFC will be prohibited from consuming alcohol on the premises while the moratorium is in place. Fraternity members of legal drinking age will still be able to consume alcohol at chapter houses.

IFC President Martin Chorzempa said he could not speak about specifics regarding DKEâÄôs policy violations, but said “[the decisions are] a demonstration that [IFC] is serious about what the repercussions are if these organizations are not following the policies we have in place.”

“When we feel confident we can move forward and begin having these events again, we will,” Chorzempa said. “For now we kind of wanted to hold it on until we feel comfortable.”

DKE members, as well as judicial board representatives from various chapters of greek life, attended the closed-door, two-hour meeting Sunday at Coffman Union.

The IFC will be enforcing a monitoring system where chapter houses will receive inspections while the moratorium is in place.

House members will also be required to keep tabs to ensure guests are acting in accordance with the policy.

“WeâÄôre fairly confident that weâÄôll be able to effectively monitor the fraternities,” Chorzempa said.