U honors program earns top ranking

Honors student benefits gave the program an edge over 49 other universities.

by Jade Lomeli

The University of Minnesota was nationally recognized for having the best new honors program in  a bi-annual ranking by Public University Press.

In a publication, “A Review Of Fifty Public University Honors Programs,” the University Honors Program was compared to 49 other public programs in terms of overall excellence, structure and student achievement in April.

A month later, the group announced the University is the most well-rounded new program after taking all of the U’s rankings into consideration and comparing them with other schools.

 The review attributes much of the U’s success to student benefits, including residential accommodations and study abroad opportunites tailored for honors students.

Victoria Housewright, an honors junior horticulture student, said her advisor and the honors residential accommodations, were two main factors highlighting her experience.  

“My honors counselor really cares about me personally,” Housewright said.

For more about the University Honors Program’s success, check out Wednesday’s issue of the Daily.