Campus Connector doing well

This letter is in response to Alexander Babanov’s letter about the Campus Connector (Oct 16). I think Parking and Transportation Services is doing a superb job this year. As someone who lived in St. Paul for a year, I do know how the bus system works. I have some suggestions for Mr. Babanov: Plan ahead and leave 20 minutes early, or walk one and a half blocks to a stop for a limited-stop bus. You have to realize that Parking and Transportation Services is there not only for you, but for everyone. I love the limited-stop buses, and they really take time off my trip, especially when I lived in St. Paul. This year and most of last year, I have never waited more than five minutes for a bus to come. I would go as far as to say that a bus is almost always right there for me when I arrive at the bus stop. Lastly, I would like to compliment Parking and Transportation Services on the new buses it bought. They are really neat looking and I’m happy they are being used as limited-stop buses. I hope everyone will appreciate Parking and Transportation Services a bit more, especially the really nice bus drivers who will usually wait for you if they know you are coming.

Michelle Tsang, sophomore, accounting