Suharto government cracks down on protesters

JAKARTA, Indonesia (AP) — Hundreds of students at several universities demonstrated Tuesday against rising food prices, with some protesters also calling for economic and political reforms, including the ouster of President Suharto.
Police and soldiers blocked marchers in Bandung, capital of West Java, and Yogyakarta, a university town located 270 miles east of the capital Jakarta. There were no immediate reports of unrest.
The day before in Purwokerto, located 180 miles east of Jakarta, clashes between police and demonstrators reportedly left 13 people injured.
University students have demonstrated regularly across the country the past few months. The military has tolerated the protests as long as long as they remain confined to campuses.
The protests appear to pose little threat to Suharto, who has ruled Indonesia for 32 years. Nevertheless, Indonesia’s worst economic turmoil in decades has damaged his credibility.