Job Center has listings for job-seeking students

Students searching for extra cash need to look no further than the University Job Center.
The Job Center is located at 170 Donhowe Building on the East Bank and at 130 Coffey Hall on the St. Paul campus.
There are postings at both Job Centers, but the preferred method is checking out the Web site, said Norma Peterson, Job Center director.
There are some requirements to using the Job Center. Students must be enrolled half-time to receive an on-campus job.
A wide variety of jobs fit the needs of almost any student, Peterson said.
The minimum starting salary is $6.50 per hour, but can be higher than that, Peterson said. On-campus demand for student workers is never filled.
The Job Center also helps students find off-campus jobs. Students who are commuting from area suburbs may want to check out the Job Center as well, Peterson said.
“They should be cautious at first,” said Peterson, “so they don’t work too many hours.”
The University Job Center’s Web site is located at and the phone number is 625-2000.
— Benjamin Ganje