The right to criticize

We as Americans often forget the reasons why we have so many freedoms and choices that other countries don’t because it’s too easy to overlook them. We must remember something before we open our mouths to criticize: We have the freedom to speak our minds, to have our own beliefs and to carry on our own lives as we see fit. I want to remind those who believe that the government is some evil power that is oppressing its own people, that our government is what gives you the right to speak your mind. In any other country, ideas of anarchy or antigovernment would put you in prison. We have been provided the liberty to express our ideas and some choose to question the manner in which it is provided. Let me ask you something: Did you ever think of what life would be like without that blanket of protection? What makes you think that you would be any better off in a society of eye for an eye? That blanket, those freedoms, were fought and bled for by those who came before us. How do we expect to keep the peace when there is no peace in the nation? These problems remain because it’s easier to criticize than to make an effort to change to world around us. Wake up and wise up. There are bigger problems than the petty things we are concerned about. It’s not going to be terrorists that will destroy our nation, but rather our selfishness.