NCAA committee to consider allegations

by Todd Milbourn

University officials outlined plans Tuesday for this weekend’s appearance before the National Collegiate Athletic Association Committee on Infractions, reiterating their position that self-imposed sanctions are sufficient and no further NCAA penalties are warranted.
An 11-member delegation, led by University President Mark Yudof and General Counsel Mark Rotenberg, will travel to Avon, Colo. on Friday to make their case.
During the two-day hearing, the NCAA will consider each allegation made in the official letter of inquiry, one by one. They will then weigh those allegations against University self-sanctions to determine whether further penalties will be levied.
A final decision is expected by mid-October.
Sanctions imposed by the University include last year’s ban on postseason play, recruiting restrictions, reduced scholarships and an offer to repay up to 90 percent of revenues accrued using ineligible players in postseason tournaments.
The University has also made widespread personnel changes in the process of restructuring men’s athletics.
Rotenberg said although he thinks the University-imposed sanctions are sufficient, further NCAA action is possible.
“If they think we missed a lot or haven’t been honest with them or the people of Minnesota, they may decide additional sanctions are warranted,” he said.
Other University officials expected to make the trip include Tonya Moten Brown, vice president and chief of staff; Tom Moe, interim men’s athletics director; Dan Monson, men’s basketball coach; and Mike Glazier and Don Lewis, head investigators in the University-sponsored probe.
Rotenberg said the NCAA has also invited individuals implicated in the case to make statements, including former coach Clem Haskins, former tutor Jan Gangelhoff and former academic counselor Alonzo Newby.
Attorneys representing Haskins and Newby would not confirm whether the former coach and counselor would attend. Gangelhoff’s attorney, Jim Lord, is out of town and could not be reached for comment.

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