Patrice Bataglia, Republican

Patrice Bataglia is the Republican candidate for the congressional House seat in the 4th District.

by Tatum Fjerstad

Republican Patrice Bataglia is seeking the seat in the 4th Congressional District, but a Republican hasn’t been elected to it since 1947.

This doesn’t bother Bataglia, because, she said, she is a go-getter.

“I don’t talk about the problem for very long I’m out there finding the solution,” Bataglia said.

While living in McDonough Homes housing projects in St. Paul and working two jobs, Bataglia attended Metro State University. At the same time, she said, she saved enough money to start her own small business.

Small businesses provide 70 percent of today’s jobs, Bataglia said.

“Congress is the economic engine driver of the job market,” Bataglia said. “The decisions made by Congress are why the job market is growing.”

Along with the growth of jobs, Bataglia said, she supports the war on terror.

“Homeland security is top priority,” Bataglia said. “I appreciate the freedoms we have and feel strongly about funding who is out at war.”

Bataglia’s father and husband served in wars.

Just three days after Bataglia married her husband he was shipped off to fight in the Vietnam War.

“I found it disturbing that when my husband returned from the military, he was not respected for the work he had done,” she said.

Bataglia said she also supports welfare reform, for which, she said, she led change.

“I am very proud of this,” she said.

Tony Richter, vice president of College Republicans, said he spends more of his time focusing on the campaign of Rep. Mark Kennedy, R-Minn., but he is pleased with what he has seen of Bataglia.

“I have heard her speak a number of times, and I’m impressed by her determination,” Richter said.

“She shouldn’t be underestimated,” he said, “She brings a tremendous amount of energy to the table – students latch on to that.”