Domingues taking some time off after losing out in 125 competition

by David McCoy

After losing the starting job at 125 pounds to redshirt freshman Travis Lang, junior Andrew Domingues has left Minnesotaís wrestling team.

ìHeís just taking some time off right now,” coach J Robinson said. ìHe doesnít know what he wants to do. Heís just got a lot of questions about where he wants to go and what he wants to do, so heís just taking some time off.

ìThatís his deal. You just kind of respect what they want to do.”

Domingues did not return phone calls.

His status for the rest of the season and his future with the Gophers is uncertain.

ìI donít know exactly what heís up to,” heavyweight Cole Konrad said. ìHeís kind of in between things right now, trying to make up his mind what he wants to do.”

Lang and Domingues split the two duals each weekend through the majority of the season, before Lang won the job.

Domingues, who came into the season as the favorite for the starting job, hasnít wrestled since Jan. 20, when he lost to Northwesternís then-eighth-ranked John Velez. Altogether, he was 0-4 in his last four matches, getting outscored 36-6.

Domingues beat Lang both times they wrestled in open tournaments earlier this year ó 7-3 at the Bison Open and 7-4 at the UNO Open, both in November.

But despite their head-to-head matchups, Minnesotaís coaches went with Lang because of better performance against opponents.