Northrop should be open to all

by Kiara Lenford, University student

When I first heard of the renovation of Northrop Auditorium during my freshman year, I was under the impression that the new space would house not only stages for performances, but also space where students could study.

In the years since then, more information has been released about what Northrop will actually hold. Northrop will have study space, but this study space is for students within the College of Design, the Institute for Advanced Study and the University Honors Program.

I am upset to hear that space will be limited to these programs, despite Northrop being a large part of the University of Minnesota as a whole. I believe that with these renovations, the University should have made specific space for all students to study.

I know from personal experience that it is often hard to find an open, quiet place to study on campus, especially during midterms and finals. I think it would be in the best interest of the University to provide more study space for all students, no matter what program or college.