FL should endorse Janezich for senate

Although fall elections are still more than five months away, several national contests have already been the subject of wide coverage. Surprisingly little attention, however, has been paid to the state’s own Senate race for incumbent Rod Grams’ seat. Among DFLers, nine candidates are competing for the party’s nomination, which will be decided on Sunday. This field is comprised of several qualified individuals, although Jerry Janezich in particular is clearly most deserving of the endorsement. Through his terms as state representative and senator, and his abilitly to truly relate to fellow Minnesotans, he would best represent the state in the United States Senate.
Of the nine contenders, four are likely to be most competitive in the party’s primary — Janezich, Kelley, Lillehaug and Miles. Only Janezich and Kelley have been elected to office, although Janezich has had more experience, having been elected to the House and Senate two times each.
In addition to his experience, Janezich’s personal record of promoting issues important to the DFL is also most appealing. Through his terms in office, he has consistently voted for issues concerning health care accessibility, primary education improvement, environmental matters, GLBT issues and worker’s rights in an increasingly international economy. Of the nine DFL candidates, only he attended Seattle’s WTO convention.
Perhaps most compelling, however, is his striking personality contrast with Rod Grams, who is vulnerable to many Minnesotans’ depiction of him as aloof and elitist. In response to recent scandals, voters prioritize honesty, professionalism and personability — qualities Janezich has in abundance.