Only heteronormally hot?

by Stefano Bloch

As one of the âÄúhotâÄù instructors showcased in The Minnesota DailyâÄôs Sex-U-Mah supplement, I wanted to point out one shortcoming of the article: The piece presents a heteronormative assumption that only âÄúladiesâÄù are captivated by my looks. I would like to believe that my hotness is recognized by members of the queer and bi-sexual communities as well. Likewise, I am sure it is not only âÄúthrongs of male chemistry scholarsâÄù who eagerly look forward to professor DriessenâÄôs video postings. The article unintentionally diminishes our physical and intellectual appeal when it fails to acknowledge those members of the same sex who are, I am sure, equally impressed by our undeniable hotness. By perpetuating heteronormative constructions we further fail to realize our universal sex appeal and ultimately our intellectual prowess and social progress. Stefano Bloch, University faculty