April Fools’ prank, and tip of the hat, for professor Griffin

by The Pranksters of Eng3005H

If it were a contest, I would nominate the American Literature (Eng3005H) class for the best April FoolsâÄô joke, which it pulled on the professor, Edward Griffin. One day, our professor decided to tell the class a story about his time in college. The story went as such: One day, Griffin and his classmates were waiting for their professor. All that was in the room to indicate that the professor had been there was his hat. After more than 15 minutes, all of the students left. But the next day, the professor asked why they were not in class. They told him that he was not there, to which the professor replied, âÄúWhen my hat is here, that means I am here!âÄù My professor and his classmates had the bright idea of leaving just their hats on their desks the next day in class, and they proceeded to the student union to get some food. When the teacher asked them why they were late upon reentering, all they told him was, âÄúOur hats were here, so we were here.âÄù The Eng3005H class had the idea of playing the same trick on April FoolsâÄô Day. We also had a paper due that day, so we decided to just leave our papers underneath our hats. The entire class participated, and our professor thought it was the funniest thing ever. When we reentered the classroom, we found our professor had left to tell his department head about our trick. He left us a note on the board that basically stated that we have seemed to vanish into thin air, like transparent eye balls in the sense of Ralph Waldo Emerson (itâÄôs an English thing), and he complimented us on our lovely hats. We all felt that this was a great trick that should be recorded in University of Minnesota history. This is the last semester that Griffin will be teaching here, so our class would also like to say that we appreciate him and think he is an amazing teacher. The Pranksters of Eng3005H