Response to “Perhaps America was not ready for a black president”

by Alex Rich

I find it interesting that one would jump to the conclusion that President Barack Obama is âÄúdestroying this great nation.âÄù That claim is totally ridiculous and unwarranted. Passing some modest insurance regulations and working with the international community to mitigate nuclear proliferation, among other items on ObamaâÄôs agenda, cannot possibly lead to the assumption that heâÄôs ruining our country. Undoubtedly, there are some bad eggs in the Tea Party, as there are in all political organizations. But when people refuse to substantiate or articulate their views in a real way, there is really no alternative but to explore other options for their hateful rhetoric toward Obama. With regard to Sarah Palin, when she says outrageous things and wantonly spreads lies in the name of political gain, her criticism is well deserved. Alex Rich University undergraduate student