Police respond to attempted break-in

by Tom Lopez

Andrew Tellijohn

University police thwarted an attempted break-in of an unoccupied University building on Saturday.
Police arrested Richard Sherman Eidum, 45, for burglary and possession of burglary tools.
According to the report, Eidum removed the plywood covering a door on the east side of the building, located at 419 21st Ave. S. The report also said he was breaking a window when he was arrested.
After being booked at Hennepin County Jail, Eidum was treated at the Hennepin County Medical Center for cuts to his hands allegedly sustained while attempting to break the glass.
Sgt. Joe May of the University Police Department said Eidum was most likely homeless. Such attempted break-ins are not infrequent, and robbery is generally not the motive, he said.
“It wasn’t like he was trying to take anything,” May said. “There was nothing in there that was of worth. He was just looking for some shelter.”
Despite what Eidum’s motives were, May said University Police must still treat the attempted break-in seriously, because it is a felony.

Police had many incidents keeping them busy this past week.

ù As spring comes around, campus skateboarders return to their favorite spots.
Three men were cited for skateboarding at the intersection of Pleasant Street and Arlington Street last week. Although it might seem like a harmless hobby, May said there are many reasons the activity is illegal.
Skateboards hasten the destruction of concrete stairs and railings on buildings when exhibitionists perform their jumps on the staircases.
Many of those same skateboarders aren’t University-affiliated, but if they get injured, the University could be liable. For those reasons, the Board of Regents enacted a policy making skateboarding illegal on campus.
May also said there is a correlation between the people who skateboard on campus and several incidents of campus vandalism.
“Unfortunately, many skateboarders are non-University taggers,” May said, referring to graffiti activity on campus. “When they ain’t skating, they’re painting.”

ù University police cited Patricia Ann Ryan of Waseca, Minn., on Monday evening for leaving the scene of an accident. During the accident Ryan’s car hit a bus at the intersection of Washington Avenue S.E. and Harvard Street S.E.
According to reports, police found Ryan shortly after the incident, at which time it was discovered that she had no proof of insurance and was driving with a suspended license.
Both vehicles sustained damage, but neither driver was injured.

ù University police responded last Friday to reports of a suicidal man in Comstock Hall.
According to reports, the person said he was considering killing himself.
The report also said the man volunteered to go to the Hennepin County Medical Center Crisis Intervention Unit and was placed on a 24-hour hold.

ù Terence Devine, a resident of Stadium Village, reported to Minneapolis police that someone tried to steal his car last week.
According to the police report, some neighbors told Devine that six people were arrested during the night outside his house, possibly in relation to the attempted theft.