Early spring streaking tradition continued

A crowd of hundreds on the Northrop Mall received an impromptu anatomy lesson Monday, which some called “short but sweet.”

Spotted for only a few minutes around noon, two runners zig-zagged through a packed Northrop Mall wearing nothing but masks and tennis shoes.

The unsuspecting crowd witnessed the 10th annual “Jack Myton Run.”

The run is an event to commemorate the first day of classes after spring break by streaking across the Northrop Mall area, said Owen Nitka, University alumnus and past participant of the run.

He said the participants aren’t from a fraternity. They’re just friends that know a descendant of Jack Myton – a notorious streaker in 19th century England – who want to carry on the tradition.

“It’s the first day of spring on campus,” Nitka said. “The point is to welcome everyone back. There’s spring fever.”

Though Nitka said he was disappointed there wasn’t a larger group of streakers, he said he’s glad the tradition is still going on.

Timing is very important for the event, John Dorfner, University graduate student and former streaker, said

“They do it between the 12 o’clock hour and 10 minutes after when classes get out,” he said. “They time it. It’s science.”

Dorfner said he wore shorts in “solidarity” for his naked friends.

One of this year’s streakers, a University sophomore who remained anonymous to prevent incrimination, said he’s done the event twice and will likely do it again.

“It’s kind of something for fun and the heritage,” he said.

The streaker said the number of participants varies based on their schedules, but many friends turn out to “get a kick out of it,” and help the streakers go on.

“It definitely makes it easier because you know you’re going to have some people cheering you on,” he said. “It kind of catches on and most people think it’s kind of funny and get a kick out of it, I think.”

University police were unaware of the event, but deputy chief Steve Johnson said indecent exposure is illegal.

“Obviously, if we witnessed the behavior and were able to, we would detain them and perhaps arrest them,” he said.

While no one was arrested, the sophomore streaker said he thought about getting caught by the police, but it wouldn’t matter to him if it happened.

“Even if something were to happen, it doesn’t really matter in the long run of things,” he said. “I can run pretty fast, too, when I have to.”

Jessica Felton, a biomedical engineering junior, was showing her sister, high school senior Andrea Felton, around campus when they witnessed the event.

Andrea Felton said she expected to see a usual college campus, and she and her sister said they were amazed to see the streakers.

“It’s not every day you see that,” Jessica Felton said.

“What do you say to that?” Andrea Felton added.