Mourning the cancelled Megan Thee Stallion concert? Give these three local female artists some love instead

No Megan? No problem.

Morgan La Casse

Morgan La Casse

by Alex Strangman

When Student Unions and Activities announced this year’s homecoming headliner, Megan Thee Stallion’s name spread around campus like wildfire.

Coming off the high of a Hot Girl Summer, students around the University were ready for a Hot Girl Homecoming. But then, SUA dropped a bomb into everyone’s inbox just days before the concert: Megan had cancelled.

Luckily, the Twin Cities has its own talented MCs ready to fill the void. Get to know these three Minnesotan artists, who have tracks that are sure to keep your homecoming hot.

If you like Azealia Banks, you’ll love… Sophia Eris

Not long after moving to Minneapolis in 2008 to attend the Institute of Production and Recording, Eris met up with four other Minnesota artists: Lizzo, Manchita, Quinn Wilson and DJ Shannon Blowtorch to create the now-disbanded group GRRRL PRTY.

Following the breakup of GRRRL PRTY in 2016, Eris took no time off, dropping her self-titled debut album, “Sophia Eris,” later that year.

Since then, Eris has become a renaissance artist. In addition to making music, she went on to host a morning show on Go 95.3 and is touring the nation as Lizzo’s DJ.

She refuses to let all that slow down her own music career, dropping three singles already this year with more on the way.

According to Eris, she’s really starting to come into her own as an artist.

“What I’m making now … I know who I am. I’m very much in my own skin, as much as I’ve ever been as an artist. … It feels right to make the music I’m making,” she said.

Must-hear track: “Arrogant”

If you like Princess Nokia, you’ll love… Maria Isa

Born in Minnesota to NuyoRican parents (Puerto Ricans from New York), Isa said she’s been around music from day one, picking up her first drum at the age of five. 

Since those early days, Isa has gone on to make quite a name for herself in hip hop, dropping over 13 projects and founding an independent label, SotaRico.

Isa is also an actress and activist and recently became a mother, but she hasn’t let any of that get in the way of her musical career, performing and recording until the eighth month of her pregnancy.

Isa is not one to let her voice be silenced, and she brings her activist attitude to her music. On her most recent album, “Sasa,” Isa gives us songs like “No Se Vende” (Not for Sale)  and “#1-800-Reparations.”

For Isa, it’s about making great music that also carries a message.

“I’m working on making sure that our young women realize they don’t have to twerk in order to be in the limelight,” she said. “Ain’t no shame in that, but I also want to have a legacy. I have a daughter now … what do I want my daughter to be?”

Must-hear track: “Locked Into Your Eyes”

If you like SZA, you’ll love… Manchita

Hailing from the Twin Cities, Manchita got her start working on group projects like Tha Clerb and GRRRL PRTY. 

Like her former group mate Sophia Eris, Manchita didn’t take much time after GRRRL PRTY disbanded to start putting out solo music.

She released her debut album, “One,” in 2017 with fellow Twin Cities musician Bionik. On the album, Manchita brings a softer energy, crooning over electric beats — a stark contrast from the hype energy she brings to her shows. 

On her upcoming project, Manchita says the energy is going to be ramped up significantly, bringing a playful and less singsong-y vibe to her music.

“It’s very bravado ego-driven rap that’s tongue-in-cheek. It’s funny just kind of classic rap lyrics, like a rapper’s rapper,” she said of the project.

Must-hear track: “Shame On Me”

No matter if you’re rocking with Sophia Eris’ high energy style, Maria Isa’s thought-provoking bars or Manchita’s wavy, dreamlike flow, it’s safe to say, the ladies are taking over.