Dear Dr….

Dear Dr. Date,
I have been on a recent surfing spree through the Net and I came to this fabulous sex page filled with raunchy pornos. I often think to myself how wonderful that would be, but whenever my boyfriend and I are together I never seem to feel like that (I mean I want to try some of that stuff, but it hurts and it never seems to go as smooth as it does on porno movies). How can I make myself do some of those things? Is it even possible?
–Starving for Good Sex

Yes, most things are possible, but often they’re more fun if left in the mind. The imagination is where all those crazy positions come from and when porn makers make their porn, they’re really trying to make your wildest dreams come true. This isn’t to say that people don’t do wild and crazy sex things — they do and often with glee and zeal, but it takes a lot of preparation, knowledge and enthusiasm.
Since you declined to specify which raunchy activities you wanted to try I chose three for example. They are agoraphillia, bee stinging and coitus Ö cheval.
Agoraphillia refers to having sex in a public place where the high chance of being discovered heighens the passion. This could happen in a bathroom stall, up against the wall of an alley or on

top of your desk at work. Sound like fun? Well it’s fairly simple to do. Just do it. Most of the time our damned sense of propriety stops us, of course, but that’s about all. Oh yeah, I think it’s illegal, too.
Our second example, bee stinging, falls loosely under the category of entomophillia, or arousal from insects. For a man, carefully placed and controlled bee stings on the penis are an ancient way to increase the length and intensity of an orgasm. Apparently painless, the stings will also cause the penis to swell 50 percent larger than when erect. Two bees must be used on both sides or the penis may become grotesquely lopsided. You can see how this would take a fair amount of planning and research before attempting.
The last, coitus Ö cheval, means to have sex on a horse as seen in the popular romantic movie “Like Water For Chocolate.” First you’ll need a willing horse and horse owner. There aren’t too many places you can rent a horse for this purpose and riding a horse isn’t as comfy as it looks either. You may just want to try enacting the scenario without the horse and ride your lover around the house naked. To make it extra erotic you may need to add the appropriate tack, however. Some men seem to like being the pony.