Issues in Brief

DBush reinstates bonuses for select employees do as I say, not as I do. Such a maxim is telling in judging government expenditures. On Nov. 30, President George W. Bush cited national emergency concerns and cut federal employees’ salary increases which had been approved by Congress. This Wednesday, his office announced that it had decided to reinstate bonuses for the much more select and connected group of political employees. President Bush, with his business background, frequently discussed during his campaign trail how the government had to become more like the private sector. With this last week and in light of the past year with Enron, Worldcom and Arthur Andersen, he seems to have succeeded.

Students in Iran see results after protests

over the last few weeks, many college students and like-minded reformists in Iran have protested the death sentence handed down to Hashem Aghajari. Aghajari, a college professor, was sentenced to death by Iranian clerics for questioning the dominant role clerics play in Iranian religious and civil society. Along with demanding Aghajari’s release, the protestors are also calling for greater freedom of speech rights and increased secularism within the Iranian government. Protesting is risky business in Iran, and the students and other reform sympathizers should be commended for their brave call for a more open-minded, democratic society. Americans should also be greatly interested in the course of events in Iran. Democratic revolution in the Islamic world is the most effective antidote to the strain of terrorism that is fueled by Islamic fundamentalism. Besides our own security, however, we should celebrate and support this nascent reform movement in Iran for one simple reason: There is nothing more awe-inspiring and beautiful than a free people.

Nashville, not Detroit, next stop for Gophers football

what many have been suspecting about the Gophers football team’s bowl appearance has finally been confirmed, as the team will play Dec. 30 in the Music City Bowl in Nashville, Tenn. This bowl appearance will be special for the 7-5 Gophers because it will be their third appearance in four years, the first time this has ever occurred. Although it was widely expected that the Gophers would be invited to the Music City Bowl, there was some initial speculation that the team would instead be invited to the Motor City Bowl in Detroit. Although Nashville is not exactly as warm as Florida, thankfully it is not Detroit, which has the bowl with weather closest to that of Minnesota. The Golden Gophers will play an as yet unidentified team from the Southeastern Conference.