I’m Obsessed

by Kara Nesvig

Confession: I’m obsessed with Victoria’s Secret. Well, that’s not entirely true—I’m obsessed with the Uptown Victoria’s Secret, the one that slid into the spot vacated by Gap right in the middle of Calhoun Square. See, I hate Victoria’s Secret PINK line with a passion; I hate the stupid rainbow-colored sweatpants with PINK across the butt, and I hate the fact that it has now developed into such a profitable business that it can have its own PINK store in the Mall of America. They even sell PINK jeans. Ick.

I had expressed my dismay when I learned that the lingerie giant was taking over the old Gap building, because what did the world need with another Victoria’s Secret? You could just go to Rosedale, or Southdale, or basically any mall ever. But the two-story underwear shiller has stolen my heart; I can’t even fathom why I love it so much. It might be the giant Karolina Kurkova plastered on the window, but it’s probably the slick, bright, clean layout of the store, the shiny black floor, and the multitudes of pretty underthings. I love the Italian Intimissi line they carry because the lingerie is totally foxy and totally cheap (not much runs more than $50) and I love the salesgirls, who are friendly but not TOO friendly, which is sort of awesome when they’re probably gonna see your boobs. I love the 3/$30 underwear from the Angels and Very Sexy VS lines. I’m obsessed. It’s so weird.

I hate the lotions and "body splash" though.