Two women raped in apartment break-in

Two women were raped after their apartment near the Minneapolis campus was broken into at 3 a.m. Tuesday, Minneapolis police reported.
Three women were sleeping in their apartment at 1725 Elm St. S.E .when several men entered and began to burglarize it. The men forced the women into one of the bedrooms and raped two of them.
The women were later taken to a hospital for physical examinations, said Lt. Tate of the Minneapolis Police Department. He did not say whether the women had sustained physical injuries in the assault or had remained in the hospital.
Afterward, the men fled in a car belonging to one of the appartment’s residents, taking with them a stereo, television, some jewelry and a small amount of cash.
The case has been referred to the department’s sex crimes unit for further investigation. Police are seeking three to five suspects, believed to be from 17 to 25 in age.
–Jodi Compton