Now is not the time to ask for a Vikings’ stadium

by Lisa Zehner

Gov. Tim Pawlenty.

It’s disheartening that during an economic crisis some are still trying to reach for the sky to build a new Vikings’ stadium. How about winning a good number of games first?

In a recent Star Tribune article, the team’s vice president of public affairs and stadium development Lester Bagley complained about Gov. Tim Pawlenty’s lack of action to move the stadium forward, saying "With all due respect, he’s been governor for six years, and he still hasn’t done anything. He hasn’t lifted a finger to engage in a problem-solving discussion to help us on our issue." The Vikings are expected to ask $700 million from the public for a stadium that will cost about $954 million.

Perhaps Mr. Bagley didn’t read another Star Tribune story today about how the state deficit could be as big as $6 billion or even $7 billion for the next economic forecast in early March.