Mbakwe tweets he’ll pay back scholarship if no NCAA berth

by Andrew Krammer

Trevor Mbakwe understands the expectations for his Gophers. So much that the sixth-year big man tweeted he would pay back his scholarship if his team doesn't make the NCAA tournament.

"I love my teammates. They have always been there for me. If we don't make the tourney ill pay back this years scholarship. #nolie #gophers," Mbakwe wrote on this Twitter account. 

His expectations fall in line with Gophers fans, as this team has a deep roster that could perform well deep into the postseason.

Mbakwe sent out a few tweets Saturday night/early Sunday regarding his role on the team this season.

"Some ppl say I'm cocky but that's not the case I just know how hard my teammate have worked and I believe in them and our coach #easychoice," Mbakwe tweeted. 

"I lose sleep every night BC I put so much pressure on myself. I refuse to not live up to my potential," he tweeted. 

In his fourth year with Minnesota, Mbakwe played 11 minutes in Thursday night's exhibition opener. He scored four points and had three rebounds as coach Tubby Smith didn't call him off the bench until 12 minutes into the game.