UMPD stationed outside of president’s mansion

by Evelina Smirnitskaya

University police have been stationed outside of Eastcliff mansion âÄî the home of the University of MinnesotaâÄôs president âÄî due to a recent termination of an employee.

Police are stationed outside the house as a precautionary measure, as the employee has âÄúbeen disruptive in the past,âÄù said Patty Mattern, a University spokeswoman. Incoming president Eric Kaler has been living in Eastcliff for the past week.

Due to privacy laws, the University cannot disclose any more information on the matter, including when and how long an officer will be stationed outside of the residence, Mattern said.  

Mattern said  the increased security is temporary, and that no threats have been made.

University police Chief Greg Hestness said officers were also stationed at a few other undisclosed locations âÄì âÄúa handful of placesâÄù that may be of concern with the employee.

Hestness said it is not unheard of for the University police to offer support to University Human Resources and other departments when they make âÄúpotentially emotionalâÄù terminations.