City approves first steps in construction projects

by Drew Geraets

The Minneapolis City Council approved Friday the first steps of two road construction projects near the University.

Construction on 15th Avenue Southeast will start between late May and mid-June and last 16 to 20 weeks. The project spans from Fifth Street Southeast to Como Avenue. Crews will resurface the street, replace sidewalks and lay the groundwork for possible new pedestrian-level lighting.

Officials will hold a public meeting on the project at 6:30 p.m. on March 17 at the Van Cleve Recreation Center.

Construction on Como neighborhood streets will also start this summer but it is not known how long it will last. The project includes streets from Como Avenue to Hennepin Avenue, and from 27th Avenue Southeast to 11th Avenue Southeast. Crews will resurface several streets and fix curbs and driveway entrances.

Officials will hold a public meeting on April 6. The time and location are not known.

Visit for more information about the projects.