Absentee ballot season begins

by James Nord

Absentee voting for the Aug. 10 primary elections began Friday, giving Minnesotans heading to the cabin no excuse for neglecting to vote.

At least that’s what Secretary of State Mark Ritchie had to say.

“We expect many Minnesotans will be out camping, fishing, enjoying our state parks, or relaxing on the lake away from home this summer,” Ritchie said in a statement. “If you want to vote in the primary, but you are going to be away from home or otherwise be unable to go to your polling location on August 10, you can still participate starting June 25.

Lawmakers in March moved up the date of Minnesota’s primary election to comply with a federal mandate allowing soldiers more time to cast their ballots.  The election was previously held in early September.

The change makes it difficult for students to participate in the political process in this area and Ritchie has previously stressed the importance of absentee ballots to allow students away from campus to have a voice.

Voters can file an absentee ballot in person or by mail and the period ends on Aug. 9th.