House and Senate reach agreement on bonding bill

$119.3 million from the bonding bill will fully fund two of the U’s six requests to lawmakers.

by Taylor Nachtigal

The University of Minnesota will receive $119.3 million from the bonding bill signed into effect by Gov. Mark Dayton Saturday, fully funding two of its six requests to lawmakers. 

The bonding bill and a supplementary bill — which combined will allocate $1.05 billion across the state — were passed Friday, with a 92-10 vote in the House and a 47-17 vote in the Senate.

The renovation of Tate Laboratory of Physics received the full $56.7 million requested and another $10 million was allocated to the Campus Wellness Center.  

Three other University requests received partial funding, including the Higher Education Asset Preservation and Replacement, the Laboratory Improvement Fund and the Chemical Sciences and Advances Research Materials Building.

The University’s Microbial Sciences Research Building did not receive any funding from the bill.

The largest $126 million chunk of the bonding bill will go to finance the restoration of the State Capitol.