YouTube: Meet Vimeo

by Rebecca Lang

YouTube certainly has the monopoly on internet video content, but lately Vimeo has been cropping up next to it on search engines and Facebook posts. While the two are different, Vimeo presents an intriguing competition due to its pleasant design. Whereas YouTube’s interface is primarily pragmatic and minimalistic, Vimeo features layering of harmonious colors that create pleasant, childlike scenes of hills and skies. Even their advertisements are designed in the same aesthetic style, making the whole screen harmonious to look at.

Here are a few other differences between the sites:


Owned by: Google

Content: Anything and everything

Uses: Adobe Flash video and is launching HD


Owned by: InterActive Corp.

Content: Supposed to be only user-created and of "a friends and family nature," and can’t include commercial content

Uses: hi-res and some HD