Dan Maruska

After nearly a yearlong absence, I recently decided to resume writing a biweekly opinions columns for The Daily. When I began my tenure at the paper, this was the position in which I was originally interested, as I thought — like many readers often do — that I could address certain topics in a considerate and entertaining manner. These intentions, however, soon changed — not because they were naively idealistic, as certainly my writing is among the most elegant to have dignified this newspaper since that of Garrison Keillor, Jim Anchower or T. Herman Zweibel — but because new opportunities within the paper confronted me. Previously, I was the editor of A&E — the Daily’s weekly arts magazine — the editorial editor, an editorial board member and a copy editor.
Last fall, I completed a bachelor’s in history and am now pursuing a B.I.S. in economics, humanities and philosophy.
Although my opinions are often quite “liberal,” I do not want to discourage readers of different persuasions from reading my columns. I am very concerned about being fair, considerate and honest. Besides, some of my opinions reside on the opposite side of the socio-political spectrum, which is proof that my writing will not be reactionary rhetoric or contain typical, expected conclusions.
Although not a moderate, I am convinced that since inconsistencies exist within both the “liberal” and “conservative” ideologies, there is the opportunity to combine elements of each and arrive at a defensible and reasonable collection of opinions.
My column runs every other Monday.