Don’t let Farve slip away now

Give Vikings quarterback Brett Farve the support he deserves.

by Rohit Singh

As a longtime fan of the New Orleans Saints who was supporting both the Saints and Vikings this season, I find it astonishing that so little coverage has been given to the heartbreaking VikingsâÄô overtime loss in New Orleans. Dirty but legal play by the Saints in that game has completely changed my loyalties and made me a pure Vikings fan. Though some people in the media are blaming quarterback Brett Favre for the loss, a universal consensus that we wouldnâÄôt have been in the championship game if it wasnâÄôt for Favre has been accepted by most people. He has gained respect not only from the Vikings but from football fans all over the country due to the way he kept coming back after all the hits. One of the best quarterbacks in the history of the NFL deserves to be remembered for things better than an interception in his last game. I join Vikings fans all over the great state of Minnesota who are praying for the return of Favre for next season. He deserves one last shot at making things right. Please help me reach out to other Vikings fans who want Favre to come back but do not know what they can do. I take this opportunity to pass on Brett FavreâÄôs mailing address to his fans. We can write to Favre at this address and urge him to come back and play for the Vikings. Please write to: Brett Favre Minnesota Vikings 9520 Viking Drive Eden Prairie, MN 55344 Please include your return address label on the outside of your fan mail; fan mail that does not include a return address is not opened and is discarded. Rohit Singh, University faculty