Forever young Fridays

by Thomas Q. Johnson

The Moon Goons, those guys that take pictures of you at First Ave when you aren’t looking or at least some of the guys that do, are hosting an open dance party this Friday at the old To Soho storefront on Hennepin Ave downtown. The show is 18+ and runs this Friday the thirteenth from 9-2 a.m.  Tickets are $5 with RSVP ( and $7 without RSVP.


Because you party monsters are so special to me, I’ll let you in on the super special secret press release that comes with the event. Actually I just found it snooping around the Moon Goon blog but let me at least save you the pdf download:

"What The Moon Goons started with Honeymoon they build on with a new series of parties known as, Forever Young. Forever Young is an experiment with the future of parties utilizing moving locations, elaborate decorations, sought after headliners, and all with the consistent excitement of something new.

For this first event The Moon Goons are taking over the old ‘To Soho’ storefront on Hennepin ave. You can expect the best music offered in the city, insane party decorations, great drink specials and the notorious party shenanigans of The Moon OGons you all know and love."


Who knows if The Moon Goons’ "experiment with the future of parties" will pay off or not. For now, as long as DJ Gary Slam will be there, I’d say it must be worth checking out.