Trump may become the least popular president of our lifetime — that could be dangerous

by Daily Editorial Board

President Donald Trump — that’s the first time we’ve typed those words in an editorial without jest or shock — was inaugurated Friday in front of a crowd dwarfed by that of the protest against him the very next day, in both Washington, D.C. and around the world.

Some scholars are now saying that the Women’s March on Saturday was the largest collective protest in United States history.

Trump’s approval ratings are incredibly low for a newly-inaugurated President and are sitting at around 40 percent.

The man himself tweeted that these approval ratings were lies just like the polls that suggested it was unlikely he would win the presidency.

He has also spoken dismissively on social media about the massive protests that followed his inauguration, writing that these protesters should have simply voted instead, which seems to suggest that he is completely ignoring the nearly 3 million vote lead Hillary Clinton held in the popular vote.

This response from Trump, like so many of his actions before, is incredibly troubling.

It is part of a pattern of disdain for objective information that does not lend itself to his favor, and a refusal to believe that the nation does not largely support his every move.

These next four years grow ever more uncertain by the day. Trump must change his behavior if he hopes to preside over a country that views him favorably — though it seems he can’t accept any other reality.